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FMI Face Models International

Solution - html5 / php / javascript.
FMI is well known as a reputable model management from models around the world. Top list for placing model from international agency to the market of Taipei / Taiwan and Shanghai / China. We developed the "Custum PDF system" help business work more efficiently.

Ravenel International Art Group

Solution - html5 / php / javascript.
Ravenel International Art Group operates in major Asian cities, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Host auctions in Taipei and Hong Kong annually.

Xue Xue Colors

Solution - objective-c / html5 / php.
XueXue Colors is first online aesthetic education platform in Taiwan, Register over more than 6,000 works of 700 Taiwanese artist, photographer and ecosystem's scholars. We developed the "Colors matching system" and iOS applications color tools for this project.
- Award: 2013 iF Communication Design.

Culture Express

Solution - WinCE mobile software / flash / xml / php.
Culture Express WinCE PDA app, Provides Taipei citizens and visitors with an easy way to access information on cultural events anywhere in the city. Updated monthly and optimized for quick download, the service is available to anyone with a Pocker PC or WinCE Smartphone device.
- Award: 2006 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 12 Winner.

Painting and Calligraphy of the Northern Sung

Solution - flash / xml / php.
70 paintings and calligray works from Northern Sung gathered together on the Northern Sung Paintings and Calligraphy Online Museum. The aim of this site was for general public to appreciate also scholars to study these works.Therefore, to reveal the finest detail for all the painting and calligraphy work, we developed the ILS system when building this site.
- Award: 2005 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 11 Winner.